Today’s world is seeing innovative ideas day by day in almost all verticals. And it is time to admit that the innovative fever doesn’t leave the ID tag manufacturers. Yes, the RFID tag manufacturers like Gotek are doing the best method of meeting your organization’s ID card needs. Before deploying this incredible system into your campus it is advised to have real understanding about the “Radio Frequency Identification” system.

What is RFID?

Rdio-Frequency Identification (RFID) comprises of an electromagnetic fields that automatically detects and track the tags attached to any objects. The attached tags carries an information which are stored electronically. The process behind how the RFID tags helps in tracking is, actually the tags connected with an object is passive untill it comes into contact with the radio waves enabled RFID reader. Once the interogation between these two happens then the information that we want to track is being stored in the buffer. Unlike passive RFID an active RFID which contains a battery in it can track eventhough the RFID reader is situated hundreds of meter distance. This explains you the theory that RFID can identify the information in an automatic manner which helps you to track the information that you want to happen in your campus. Highly experienced RFID tag manufactures like Gotek can help you in installing this in a suitable place you want.

WHY Gotek for RFID?

It is a commonly known fact that RFID installation is quite expensive than you can imagine. But professional RFID tag manufacturers like Gotek can install the RFID tracking system in a simple, cost effective and long lasting RFID tracking device. The RFID installed by Gotek will have below advantages,

  1. Attendee Tracking
  2. Access Control
  3. IT Asset Tracking
  4. Library Systems
  5. RTLS (Real Time Location System)

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