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Gotek is Where Unparalleled Quality Leads the Industry

Gotek is a cutting-edge company specializing in manufacturing premium ID cards and lanyards. Our unwavering commitment to exceptional quality and meeting the highest standards sets us apart. With advanced technology and a skilled team, we excel in every aspect of our operations.

In addition to manufacturing, Gotek offers customized tracking solutions through our own software. Our flagship service, attendance tracking solutions, is tailored to meet your specific needs with the support of our in-house team. Our lanyards uphold dignified corporate standards, surpassing international norms, with wash-proof durability, rust-free hooks, and vibrant printing that last for years.

We also offer top of the line printing services, such as: Offset Printing, Sublimation Printing, Personalized Printing, Digitalized Printing, Screen Printing etc.

As the premier destination for ID card lanyards in South India, we understand the importance of reflecting your organization's prestige. We ensure the highest standard of quality.

Discover the unmatched quality and personalized solutions that define Gotek. Choose us for top-of-the-line ID cards and lanyards, and together, let's elevate industry standards and make a lasting impression.

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Our Values

1. Respect for all

2. Team work based on trust & collaboration

3. Efficient, ethical, transparent & truthful business practices

4. Focus on customer delight

Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionize the Indian education system by providing schools with cutting-edge identification solutions that enhance operational efficiency, ensure student safety, and pave the way for transformative learning experiences.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower schools with secure and reliable ID solutions that streamline operations and prioritize student safety. By leveraging innovative technology and strategic partnerships, we aim to serve 1000 schools by 2030 and 5000 schools by 2035, ultimately enhancing the learning experience for students and educators alike.

Tracking Solutions

Gotek developed its own software for various tracking requirements. Attendance tracking solutions is our flagship service. We have in-house team to provide customized tracking solutions according to the customer needs.

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ID Card Lanyard in Chennai

Gone are the days in which ID cards were just used for segregating individuals based on their identity, but today ID cards and its related accessories have been one of the prestigious ornament that projects the quality of organization/authority that issues it. This reputable moments can be realized only if you have your ID cards printed from best ID card printers in Chennai.

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Top of Form Lanyard

Pioneer in Multicolor lanyard Manufacturing in Chennai. Dignified Corporate Standard matching international norms in manufacturing par with Professional ATM Cards.Wash proof Lanyards.Rust free Hook.Printing will never fade even after years.

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